Friday, September 10, 2010

sustained sustenance

when the food


treated like a science experiment

full of productivity

how do we digest before our innards digress?

and tastebuds rebel at the supecilious smell

of soaked-up pharmaceuticals

where what used to be natural and neutral 

is the top-tier on the shelf, organic

if you ever wonder where it went


calculated profits on the rise for our tasty artificial surprise

the market is so miscegenated that there is no escape

even the peanuts have muscles

Monday, May 17, 2010


what is it


around all corners

lasciviously waiting

to spring into inaction?

Sunday, December 14, 2008


this normal girl awoke my heart
that i did not know was sleeping
i was afraid at first
it is getting comfortable
to be
alive in there again
old enough to realize
love at first sight is
a fairytale
even if sometimes i am
too much
we should be friends
people will think we're related
that is safe enough
nice kids having fun
some day closer than ever
that feeling will come
from somewhere else
it will be easier to notice
because i can now remember
what it feels like
in the beginning
where everything is possible

Monday, December 01, 2008

One touch
Sends shivers
Like nothing else in the universe
A moment
Transfixing time and space together
To now
Where we blur boundaries,

Sunday, November 23, 2008

If the city
Be a Bastion of perplexity
How can we distill it,
That significant essence,
Into a spirit potion
to be shared
Liquid magnificence
The confused roar silenced

Sunday, November 16, 2008


i dream the sky intrepid
in the light of a blushing moon
strains of baritone sax madness filling the room
on a sunday afternoon

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

....dearest friend:

Aaron is a song in the air
Looping back
The best person I have ever known.
There would never have been enough time
To drink him in..
...for he was infinite, and still is.

- x -
Aaron Douglas Pollack
11/25/78 - 2/28/08
RIP, my man, rest in peace.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

if the darkness
lays her laser hand
(green like money)
on footsteps
treading threadbare;
stare at her
and do the watusi with medusa,
showing her how you can dance
when fools rush in
i am one of them
insipid and wry
wheat and rye
and hiding
in the morass
gentle the climate past

sinuous and dense
life is in tenses
dancing sentences
and breath
cascading syncopation
in time
speckles of the world
fly about
be-bop-a-lula in my head

Sunday, March 04, 2007

poetry to the universe, xxx

alligator people
wearing crocodile shoes
shed alligator tears
listening to lizard music

poetry to the universe, xxix

one third, absurdly
growing tired of transfusions
refuse infusions of chameleonic tonic
skewering to embrace the tall
spiny grass
at the end of the line
queued to beseech a mumbling
quetzalcoatl mutter
as tortured cells
trickle down the street

poetry to the universe, xxviii

in the long, tall grass
there was a hidden meaning
rolling in it
shunted by blades
coming later to swish and cut me
jailor miscreant
the gauzy earth
unable to soak up brilliant

poetry to the universe, xxvii

porpoises ate my poised dolphins
on purpose
blowhole splutter
gripping the incredible tale
told as an allegory
in such a ravenously stilted quay
and still surprising me
with the psychological cruelty of animals

poetry to the universe, xxvi

a martyr's trumpet
played a morbid song
i had never heard before
standing there
holding my jug of jagged love
legs flailing akimbo
strewn about the room
have me entombed
in strains of sad sad songs
when i could not write music

Saturday, March 03, 2007

poetry to the universe, xxv

mustachioed madmen under surveillance
folded flowcharts on their knees
bow to kowtow roundhouse towers
inescapable purview
in mammaries of leather
they stood
grammatically correct at one time
their punctuation no longer in favor
like the people of the gilded paper brigade

Friday, March 02, 2007

poetry to the universe, xxiii

the crime scene
has teeth
and hair

run rampant

and law
cannot keep up

psychic avengers
take ransoms
from everyone

in shackles
we travel

poetry to the universe, xvii

remains of a slaughtered lamb
trace particles on a tired plate
bed of lettuce
broken under the weight of wilted green

and the savory
has swum right out of it
leaving only traces
of brine

a wound in wool

poetry to the universe, xvi

if you can hear me,

i am a wailing wall
with ears agape

only now looking through the dark fields
hearing the revolutions

Thursday, March 01, 2007

poetry to the universe, xi

is for fools

and children

poetry to the universe, ix

stars still shine

from millions of miles away
even after they cease to exist

poetry to the universe, vii

i exhale
and there is air

it is not always the same
as that which infiltrated me

a transformation occurs

Wednesday, June 28, 2006


               i die

in a moment
to stay

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

jimmy dean

loners are

i am one too

for lack of
an intent full
intensive playmate

toying with things


not to be understood

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Wake Up

Cerebral surreal
Cortex journey
Spangled time
Peppered sprinkles sublime
Friendly gestures from within
Waiting to take you away
Exists inside of your self
Laying restlessly on the dilapidated shelf
Eating our collective soul
Mysteriously deteriorationg
Desecrating every precious moment
Pink clouds effacing themselves
Dissipating reality
Inverse cacophony of fright
prismatic entrails
Subtle details unearthed
Taking root in obliviousness
The foolhardy whimsy of self-importance
Resonates shallow ripples
Eschewing its connection to the dream
Never listening to the gut reacting
Blinding passerby distraction
Enveloped fluid life
That never had reason to be surrounded by strife

Saturday, December 17, 2005


Aleph in leaps and bounds
Bind me.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Doo Shomp (fast or slow?)

Doh.. Doh.
Dah Dah...
Mee Ho Ma.
Shih Ha Pla.
Das Ist Dada!

Ahhhh.. Ahh... Ah.
Oooh Ah Ah Oooohhh..
Shhh.. (whistle)
(clap clap-clap-clap)
Shikasshika-shikshik.. Shik.

(dual finger snaps)
Bingnn.. Binggnn... Binggnnn.
(turn head side-to-side, 8 times)
(extend arms, hands palms-up)
Eso Es Dada!

(tear up poem and throw)

You can do what you want to do.
(walk off stage, pick up the pieces)

Monday, November 07, 2005


I make fire rain tinkle spasms
Papier-mâché pterodactyl blurs
Adverb wave contortion simplex
Harangue strangled loop-de-loups
Breakfast for the nice birdies below
Wrinkle jingle ounce cake
Sedate trace akimbo lake trance
Pixel pattern jumble splatter
Rankled candle skip gasp
Velveteen spindle thimble hour
I digress, words are power

Monday, October 31, 2005


Mind the gestapo at all times
Do not subvert the
Dominant paradigm at work
Shifting, it skirts
Diverts, redirects

Monday, October 24, 2005

keeping it

reaches down my throat
pulling a few ripcords
throttling my heart
in fits and starts

and thump
begin again

the wistful twisting of mist
smarts my brain
leaving me senseless
intrepidly recuperating

foggy glasses
help me see the real me

Tuesday, October 18, 2005


when the swirls surround me
there stupor he goes they say
neigh prey straight from the superego
id doesn't bother me
i will crush until my dying day
ego ego ego
there he goes again

Monday, October 17, 2005


i am the god of light and love sometimes
nothing fazes my slippery essence
waiting in the corners
making sure the blessed spots appear
where you know that
whirling dervishes of sunshine
genuflect in your presence
eating morsels from your very hand
tickled at knowing
you exist

Sunday, October 16, 2005

What is this life?

Tearing brand new holes in spun flesh
Mind-altering prophetic crusade of doom
Nothing ever seals the room off completely
Gloom pervades each orifice, cackling aloud
With an uncanny knack for the spectacular

Mangled wights and emaciated puppets we can be
Forever blinded in the dark nooks of the mind's craw
Becoming tattered unstuffed wits sacked and junked
Shattering rays of hope, denying the matter of actuality
Glued to ounces of thought growing stronger in hours

I can also live a thousand fates
Crumpled into a muted ball
Ominously disappearing into myself

Some pastimes liberate the spirit
In hearing the music vary
Note by note
I do too
Changing and moving along with it.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

basic glimmer

A sheathing surpassing its capacity as mastery deepens
Occulted from view and yet still resplendent in power
Bearing nature to be literal and figurative
Living in a mixed grasp of reality
Allowing divinity to flow
Credence for all that is
For keeping watch of the clue-ridden seed

Wednesday, October 12, 2005


I got the writing bug
Like a mugshot has numbers
These poems are my placard
I'm jumbling the words up
Stumbling to put them together
Wobbly on the table
As they bobble around
Like found sound

Monday, October 10, 2005


My god. . .
Is tangled up and slipshod
Sometime shiftless and certifiably hazy
Just like me
Count on it

Drops on Cloth

I can smell the rain
pouncing on the skin of the earth
Quietly supplicating
Losing itself
Changing form
Errant children of the storm
Entering the fabric of reality
Leaving a wet blotch
In the place
Where it fell from grace
Entombed momentarily
Absorbed where possible
Rolling off the rest
Lacking in capacity
To reverse its descent

(dedicated to one wee little raindrop)

The Murmurations of 8's, Subsequent Devouring of 9

Dreamweaver collapsing, traipsing on the stairstep
The footfalls are marbled on the breath shining
Resonating, snorting devilish cacophony
Silly bobbing elephant ride
Astride meters cadence in time
Echoplexed robots of passion alive
Floating effervescently upon the aether
Beneath tumultuous skies of brine
Mental broken sacred trust
Amongst what is one of us
Tickling ecstasy rainbow inside
Demise sublime phoenix reborn surprise
The ides of eyes is walking by
With cane a-plenty, tick-tacking at the door

Zero Tumbles Home

Rustling spires of dervish lime
Sophisticating its grip divine
I just got inspired
Muse on a whim
Pickled perplexing complexion
Abstract poeticals in spirit
Walls snort and jeer stuff
What is lodged in the mind is not enough
Electricity explodes
Senses soar
Jillions of particles skitter across the floor
Of your many-splendoured waistcoat pants
That dance and do the universal jig
All by themselves


Walls of wonder
Fetter the mind
Tuning fork divine
Reading akashic trilobite spark


The world sleeps beneath
We tremble on the outside
Temporary critters blighting time
Destroying ourselves and affecting others with it
Extended solos of
Wondering what has brought a fate
Rippling with despair
Grappling to wrestle the striving
Holding onto the ability to put something
Where does nothing hide?

It dreams under the facile exterior
Plum-colored diptheria on its surface
Devouring ideals of thoughts on a platter
Empty, without a meaning outside relative standing
The sand keeps striving
To soften the rock face
Covering the sea and its bed of dread
Kelp helps in motions
Sushi is the rage, an ambrosia from the ocean

Ink splatters dead tree pages
What happened to the poet mages
Lifting their rimes ancient and refined
Assuaging the pain felt by others who
In their blank stares
Have no proper voice

Setting it down

Drop-forged relapses
Whisk hurriedly at the doors of perspiration
Soiled in wasted anticipation
Pondering where the verbs shall lead
Words of a stout deed
Locked in isolation
The poetical tyranny of aesthetic suicide
Gasping blindly
Reclining mildly
It is time tonight to unleash a ream
Full steam ahead and throttle boom
Prolific intention coming soon

Untitled Roams

Careful not to disturb this friendly pace
Everything flows through me
This mishapen vessel recoils
Regarding liberation as foil
Embroiled in the passes of the masses
Tricking the gangster of stasis
Asking where this place is
Remaining there for no good mission
Devoid of the necessary derision
Lethargy is lacking to make its admission
Frozen without a care
Going on with it
Staying there
In some mollified trance of a stare
Regurgitating emotions
Throwing caution a guarded glance
Taking a stance before the window of creativity
Refusing to touch the divine
Disregarding the simple fact
That all it takes is waking up and doing that

We are all Jewelers

Potentiality is a burden that is best to not be served raw
The uncooked beauty shining through is still not the real you
I hope that I can spice your life and share a few useful recipies
Techniques to hone your facets irregardless of if you are to be my ultimate dish

Shaping and molding our lives only to petrify another in stasis
Not taking into account what it is that they will be, flee
It is not we that gets factored in, but a reflection of the "me"
Predetermination can cause misconception or misdirection

Weighing out the measure of someone when we do not know the weight of ourselves
Gauging the matter of their final brightness when we cannot see our own
Magnifying the flaws on the other end of the looking glass
Making it impossible to see back into the eye of the beholder

Scrutiny is necessary, the jewelsmith needs to know how to work the stone
He should know his art and its subject before taking license
Burnishing and polishing every side independently alone
Absorbing and reflecting the very essence of the universe

Only then will the epoxy truly hold a gleaming diamond to its band eternally

Someone Else's Bliss

There is a safety net
Tendrils taut and twist
That happens
When I pinch your nipples
Like this
Your entire will subsumed
Cast asunder
Lumbering beneath my spell
Epauletted orgasms
Paroxysms of strain streaking
Grimacing in place
Derivative skewers
Spiking heated peaks of pleasure
Forgetting where your mouth is
As moans reverberate in space
Quivering afterwards

Ripped to tatters
Clothes lay in waste
Strip tinder kindling stultified
Bunched up rope face
Clasp beholden imagery
Relegated purposefully aside
Straddling ethereally along
Expertly bedraggled ecstasy
Hypocorism and pain
Dastardly emotions garbled on your face
Unwoven skeins in stasis
Molten shudders frozen stolid
Discharged from normal duties
Taboo miscegenation
My twisted way of showing
How I adore and woo

Struggle against the flesh
Bubbling corpuscles heave your chest
Languidly seeking escape
No longer blithe
Subjugated in my eminent domain
Piecemeal liberties
Must be earned
Paralyzed from psychological pressure
It is best for you not to think
Sense awareness
Come to this moment
Relinquish all else

Groan is your new language
Subsist on this:
That is your new bedizenment
Decor to the floor and walls you be lashed to
Demolish thoughts of a distinct self
Aggression and relent
Digression to repent
Giving in to lasciviousness
Sole consideration
Focal to the locus
Fulcrum synthesis
Balances tipping to and fro
On your body
That is all you may long for
Amanuensis of Anubis


In the same way that thick yet wispy fog curls itself about the draft of passing cars,
Many lesser life forms swarmed around and threatened to consume me if I didn't relay their message to you.

A horde of dragonflies sauntered by
With their bodies pulsing, pounding, and beating their brilliant path to oblivion.
Enchantingly irridescent wings descended upon me to whisper in my ear.

Whirlwinds of firebells blinded me with fluttering light.
A cataclysmic cavalcade on a litany of fury endearing to me
'Let us see what we can provide for thine illumination..'

Shaking pendulums of woozy butterflies mesmerized me in front
Dissipating gossamer before my very eyes.
I was naked to their essence rippling with colour divine.

Rolling myself into a ball of innocence reprise
Closed my eyes, and wished myself to sleep
To find you roaming in the dreamscape,

And they followed me...

Rollicking paradaisical glitter.
Open arms of pallette full.
Long torso twist of life.

Sheep from the street stopped to ask me what was going on.

Charta 77

(Dedicated to Hokr)

Awake wide open
Shambles of brambles
Emancipating boon
Traveling notebook perjury
Committing infanticide
Suffocating dilapidated wishes
Plowing malicious dissent
That was the Czechoslovakian government


Better for I should see
Nothing lies before me
A shore deplored
Heaven formed
Death and rebirth

To Feel

(for Mom)

I write cadavers
Dead words
In the desert of my mind
Something scalding
Dries them in my hands
Tools of pain
Blackouts in a spirit
Tired of simulating
Looking for a tiny hole
To lose itself
Forgetting that
In the end
Life is a miracle


Buildings have no stories to tell
The elders of advanced civilization
Everything that happens inside
Is held in the strictest of confidences
Illiterate trivialities enmeshed
Waning behind closed doors
Walls scored with histories
Very few want to tell
Tenement sobs obliterating the past
Standing there
Haunting to cry out
mute as wolves
Passing moons overhead
Helping them to decipher
Who comes and goes

In Passing

Acknowledging your features
Serves as a weak form of rapture
Incessantly capturing and forgetting
Aiding and abetting your ego
It matters not
Whether you avoid it
Cease to notice this blip
Two lives intertwined psychically
Link severed in an instant
Energetic cords
Folded neatly back
Tucked into a protracted protective pocket

New York Walkers

If I could torture myself
Like those hucksters on the street
Muttering a greeting and retreating
Wryly eying every other body
Dissipating threads with a steamy stare
Lithely disgracing themselves
Giving unequivocal birth
Mismatched attitudes
Conceptions of perfection
That really isn't there
Compartmentalized gestures
Towards those who would be fair
Were it not for the incongruence
Of their component parts
Summarily silenced retorts
Feeling mighty and violated alike
A twilight stroll becomes droll
The mall of gawkers
Are would-be stalkers
In the midst of this turmoil
Never once
Doth she don a smashing outfit
And then renounce it
Forever frightful of missing the advance
Of the knight with a comely stance
Not realizing that without makeup
Comfortable clothes in their place
Will set them free from pretending

Visual Thrust

Those guys. . .
Whose gaze smiles broadly
Want to be inside thee
Surreptitiously lascivious looks
The sexual innuendo crooks
Sidelong prancers
Avoid disasters
And do not speak
Relishing the threat
Savoring telepathic intent
If you so wish it
Whatever would you talk about?


Forged lust
Small thrusts
Parried effortlessly


Lucid papal lipstick
Plastic purple pushpin
Peeling the communist sticker
From the caravan of your mind
Unfettered and tangled design


Tiptoe through the gauze flange
Eat the skin from the shell
Blowing the arm of the storm
Dreaming pygmalion pixie dreams
ready to write in rhythm
Tuning in to the spheres
Cosmic calibration
In the moment of genesis
Chirping away at the edged
Crumbling precipice of fear
Beyond the unseen mirror
As it trembles now

Two Guitars

Twelve strings come to pass
The time like a wishing well
Everything is possible
Songs in the air
Turning the face against
What a great name for a band
Too bad it's already taken

Liquid Life

Water is the alma mater of the father
Growing fathoms deep in slumber land
An entire creation stands on shifty matter
Splattered across the universe, we disperse
Brought ot light in sight of another place
Brandishing mellifluous spirit
Communing with releasing the gods inside


An entire planet starves in an hour
No one was ever truly there
Exhibiting a tendency of the stratosphere
Flying well above their means
Humans focused on this earthly plane
Never realizing that they could accomplish
Dreams of utopia


Eat molecules of trust
Discuss the heart's content
Breath easy and solvent
Let life do the rest
Your closest friends are blessed


Strangling a touch
From a quill
This much
States a moment
Prepared to come back
Making its statement again

square off

draw your queen
set the spectacle
drown a scene
forget the past
slot obscene
instruments played
have not been seen
releasing lightly
viewing beyond sheen
letting go a spin
a cast preen
burned peen


Ripples tickle
Tiny spots
Go simple
Retreat quickly
Advance slowly
Get to know
Your bleating soul
Stroll patrol ego
Careful stepping placebo
For living
Resting and seeing

swig a swagger delicious

i sing this lull a bye and do not care
throwing frothy bristles in the air
remember the music that played
recognize what you can't see
unroll the fortune you don't know is there
cleaning slate wipe cream
allow for originality to digress
making slinky trails of my name on your chest
dip your dastardly dagger in
swerving pallete of flesh
swirl the backside of mountainous thoughts
grab the fisty, glittering feistycuffs
you know how to use them
maybe i'll set you free

Couched Tears

When I drape my fears on the chair,
The upholstery becomes tainted.
Scented with recrimination,
I do not foresee being sainted.

Sitting solo

Juggling jilted parapets
Swooning tinkle sky
Visions of scenery befall heat
Striding arduously
Over a stifled groin

Shouting matches of branding
Burnishing fire within
Aching to scream out
In soft murmuring whimpers
The death of little angels

whole words

you know the truth
the truth is all around you
gravity is no fool

golden spectacles of what
molten wheat tentacles
ensnare my feet
stapling me down
the vicissitudes of strife
rife with fields aplenty
screaming choruses with glee
follow and beseech me

Live for Today

Tomorrow never comes
That harrowed specter
Absolves the throne
Clearly eradicating itself
Time and time again

Bring rutilous thoughts
Into the light consumed
Briefly chattering away the fright
The relentless night
Is the counterpart to its day

Purpureal crescent essence
Swarms the void-stricken barren
Replete with empty patterns
Hollowly showing what is never truly there
Live for today


Sublime slippers of fury
Beheaded dazzling curry
Chapped knacker wisdom
I am told the sky is beautiful
If you want to see it

Friday, October 07, 2005

Poem for the Liberation of the Innocent

People lie to me and I believe them
Hardscrabble potluck hens they feed me
I tell you this so that you heed me
Watch out for wrens who peck with tongues out
Enfeebled and unstable
The table turns
Wincing splints of reality
Creative talking
Hemisphere balking
Rise sung up the moon
Waving saber
Verbal staves
Cadaverous maze
Of words that praise
And leave you dead
If you believe
In that particular "trusty" steed
Lopsided thoughts on mead
Screaming across the planet
It's not about you
'We have mouths to feed'
'Our cause is in need'
Drop your crippled paradigms
And take a ride on our float
Decrepit with gloating precedence
This is the kind of power that lasts more than an hour
Yet is not worth..
...the air...
...that it is spit upon.